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5 Magento Extensions that will be dominant in eCommerce stores in 2016.

Magento, an e-Commerce platform, is the leading and renowned eCommerce software provider in the world. With tons of amazing features and extensions available through its official website,Magento is now privileged over other competing eCommerce platforms. Famous brands like Mother Care, Bazaar and Nike are on Magento.

Thus, if you own an online store, perhaps you have given some consideration to using Magento on your site since a lot of functionality within Magento eCommerce stores is being carried out through extensions. Magento Extensions add extra functionalities like to track your invoices and sales to make checkout a lot easier for your visitors. Tested and accepted by Magento developers, you will only deal with the most reliable, novel and relevant Magento extensions. Let’s check out some of the prestigious and in-demand extensions which will rule the Market in 2016.

Partial Payment Extension

Are you worrying about the expensive or high budget product’s purchase? Don’t Worry because Partial Payment extension enables you to allow your customer to make partial payments or pay the amount in installments. It is easy-to-install and can be seemly configured to provide various payment options based on your requirements or customer demand. Providing part payment facility encourages customers to make more purchases and results in increased sales.

Once the Partial Payment Extension is successfully installed, that section allows you to set the installment plan for a product. You can specify the initial payment, number of installments, charges, and other fees applicable for installment plan. Below are the key features of this extension.

  • Create order for a customer from back-end(call, mail, and other similar mediums)allows your customer to place order anytime without using Internet.
  • Create plans using Catalog Rules for promotion of your products.
  • The ability to Reschedule specific installment allows customers to pay the installment as per availability of funds with them.
  • It allows customer to make payment in installments not only for specific products, but also for whole cart.
  • Manage installment plans, fees and other charges. For example, you can have only three installments for watches, whereas 3, 6, and 9 installments for electronic products.
  • With Partial Payment, you can send Reminders for installments to your customers in advance to the frequency of the payment specified.
  • It allows you to specify the users to have access to part payment facility. This will minimize the risk of fraud and increase the patronage of regular and premium customers.
  • Here is the list of the Supported Payment Methods: PayPal standard,, AIM, CIM, Check/Money Order, COD, Saved CC, CyberSource Payment Gateway.

One step Checkout Extension

According to the survey, the average abandoned cart rate is over 66% as most of the potential customers quits the cart due to complicated checkout process. To Improve this, a great module / extension in which all the checkout blocks appear concurrently (the user can complete the process in just one step) is introduced. Thus, users are bucked up to complete their order rapidly and relish their shopping experience and not abandoning their shopping carts. The Key Features of this extension are:

  • Reduce checkout steps from six to one
  • User friendly checkout interface
  • Improved customer experience
  • Easy login process and Customer registration.
  • Fully responsive for standard screen, tablet, wide screen, and mobile
    Compatible with PayPal and SagePay
  • Optional or already-checked box for Newsletters subscription
    Supports default Magento gift options
  • Exclude or include the billing and shipping fields
  • Very easy to configure options in admin back end

Magento WordPress Integration

This Extension works with Magento Community and Magento Enterprise with an aim to create an easy to install extension that mimics the functionality of WordPress while being fully integrated into Magento & its theme. This sort of integration can be competently explained as a glove that fits perfectly in one’s hands. Let’s have a glimpse into its bright features:

    • Free to use
    • Pretty easy to install and upgrade via Magento Connect
    • Use popular WordPress plugins like YARPP, Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, Fancier Author Box,WordPress SEO by Yoast, etc
    • Automatically login to the WordPress Admin using the extension’s 1-click login functionality

Product Bundled Discount Extension

Once the Product Bundle Discount extension is successfully installed, it allows you to offer discount on a set of products. The extension allows the customers to buy a bundle of products with a single click which is also known as ‘Package deals’, or ‘Bundle sales’. You can govern what discount will be available to what users, offer multiple discounts for the same bundle of product, manage discount for bundle of products across multiple stores, and offer different discount for the same set of product to different group of users. Discount motivates customers to purchase the set of items instead of individual products. Ex: If a customer wants to purchase a smart phone, you can offer a 10% discount on its cover, and a plan from a service provider. As a store administrator, You can specify the set of products on which the discount is applicable, the time period for which the discount is valid and users who can avail this discount.

Let’s go in concise about the unique features of this extension:

  • Single click purchase
  • Access to specific users or group of users
  • Supports all type of products
  • Display related bundle promotions on cart
  • Determine fix price or percentage discount
  • Supports multi-store website
  • Increase sales significantly
  • Multiple promotions for same product
  • Import/Export product bundle promotions
  • Define time period for promotion/discount
  • Build collection of products

Magento Search Extension:

Magento’s standard search processing has not always been upto the mark. Search Pro extension enhances search functionality by allowing Magento to search through attributes of prodcut system to further match up search terms with product. It also searches site content such as blog posts, complete word processing, custom search weightings, and density based matching. After SEO, the functionality of websites search will help to improve overall usability, conversion, and bounce rates.

Well, you definitely need to try out these extensions to take your business to the next level. Check out MadeDelightfor some mind-blowing extensions that you can try and also achieve success!We have listed below our top picks for Magento extensions & hope this article has given you insight into what is required to make your store really buzz with traffic. We have successfully executed these extensions a number of times for various customers. If you require assistance configuring and installing any extensions, our team can get in touch today. As a Magento extension developer creating custom extensions, we develop extensions that is not found on the list above or anywhere else.

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