5 Reasons To Use Subscribe Now Extension from MageDelight

5 Reasons To Use Subscribe Now Extension from MageDelight

Power up your Magento2 store with subscribe now, auto shipments and recurring billing.

The Subscribe Now for Magento2 allows customers to purchase subscription products and services, and set up automatic recurring bill payments. This increases customer lifetime value by automating repetitive purchases and billing, and decreasing the likelihood of customer churn.

A merchant can organize a subscription process with configurable subscription templates, while the extension accepts checkout with any combination of subscription and non-subscription items, has a robust recurring billing system, and more.

How it works?

The subscription model was pioneered by news papers and magazines, which has now embraced many websites and businesses across the world.The Subscribe Now for Magento2 allows adding a Subscription option to any product on the store. The module allows store admin to offer subscription start and end dates, trial periods, and convenient delivery options. Depending on the extension settings, customers can purchase either a single item or subscribe for daily/weekly/monthly supplies.

When the customer purchases a subscription a recurring billing profile is created on the payment gateway side. Customers can easily manage recurring payments from dedicated account settings. Once the customers’ subscription starts, they are charged automatically and orders are placed according to the subscription plans set.

Key Reasons To Use Subscribe Now

1.Unlimited products in single subscription

The key advantage of Subscribe Now extension is that you can use wide range of products and track your subscribed and unsubscribed customers. This extension can be used for the products which are purchased by the customers on regular intervals.

2.Seamless shopping experience for your customers

The Subscribe Now extension ends up the inconveniences of buying for products and services regularly used. The extension is designed to help customers purchase and make payments on their behalf. This not only enhances the shopping experience of returning customers, but also encourages new visitors into repeat customers.

3.Customers can Skip/Pause/Cancel Subscription anytime

If your customers are going for a vacation or they’re not willing to buy products for a time being, they can skip/pause or cancel the subscription.

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4.Supports major Payment Gateways

The Subscribe Now extension supports all the major payment gateways, offering your customers various payment options to choose from. The module is compatible with Authorize.net, First data, Cyber Source, Brain tree Payment Gateways.

5.Easy Product Subscription Management

The extension helps manage multiple products in one subscription plan. The customers can set up the start and end dates of subscription for single/multiple products, set renewal period, manage billing addresses for the subscribed products and save payment information for future transactions.

The Subscribe Now for Magento2 is not a Service as Software, so there’s no ongoing fee. It’s a premier extension from MageDelight which can be enhanced and customized according to your business requirements.

Should you have any queries regarding customized integration of Subscribe Now? Contact Us and our ready-to-help support team will help you!

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