Combo Deal Offer

Combo Deal Offer: Price Per Customer + Per Product Shipment For Just $139

In the present eCommerce scenario, eCommerce has taken a step further as more and more people are purchasing their products online, thereby pushing brick and mortar retail stores to the background. Many eCommerce stores are now being launched every day in the anticipation of commercial and financial success.

Platforms such as Magento are becoming successful in launching themselves as the required vehicle for these eCommerce ventures. In many cases, such eCommerce stores on the Magento eCommerce platform require adequate and appropriate extensions for their proper operation. The various extension developers are doing a yoeman’s service by developing the most essential extensions possible for store owners and end users.


The leading Magento extensions developer has developed a variety of extensions for the use of the Magento Community, of which the extensions Price Per Customer and Per Product Shipment are being offered as a combo, This “HOT DEAL OFFER” is now being offered at just $ 139 with an amazing discount of $ 19 on the purchase of both these extensions.

The Price Per Customer Extension:

The Price Per Customer extension provides the magento eCommerce store owners the unique possibility to specify different prices to different customers so that the most loyal customers can be rewarded with lower prices. Further, tier pricing can be added for customers, which turns this extension into a strong promotional tool that sets merchandise price according to the quantity purchased.

The Per Product Shipment Extension:

With the Per Product Shipment magento extension, it is possible to set the individual shipping rate per product. This helps you sort out the problem of incorrect shipping rates. This Magento extension can help you indicate the individual shipping rate for each product. With this Magento extension, you can be sure that you are charging the right amount for shipping.

What are the benefits involved

Both these extensions have been designed for the utmost satisfaction of the customers while boosting their business. These extensions not only useful for business, but are good in solving every day situations.

The company has launched this exclusive COMBO DEAL OFFER that will improve your business manifold and at the same time, is now available at at amazing offer of just $139 at an brilliant discount of $19. We are a trustful and dedicated company with a team of professionals ever ready to assist you with any issue! Please let us know if you have any issues and we will be ready to solve it for you!

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