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Coming Soon: MageDelight’s Premium Magento Extensions for Magento 2.0

The launch of Magento 2 has marked a new era of innovation in the ecommerce industry. After pioneering in developing extensions on Magento 1 platform and helping our customers to grow their e-commerce business, we are now focused on providing better and more efficient extensions for Magento 2 platform. Utilizing the new features Magento 2 has to offer, we have already taken up the task of upgrading our existing extensions to Magento 2. Below are the some of the extensions that will be Magento 2 ready and available for our customer soon.

Product PDF Print

During situations when you need to provide information about your product to a potential customer, a product catalog comes in handy. Product PDF Print allows you to quickly generate catalog and help you promote your business. With the flexibility to customize fonts, colors, and ability to support HTML tags, you can easily create customized catalog for the varied target audience

  • Support QR codes and RTL languages
  • Ability to insert HTML tags with product description and a short description
  • Product catalog with related and upsell products
  • Ability to customize catalog design by changing colors, font, and upload new font family

Product Bundle Discount

Use this extension to allow your customer to buy a bundle of products with a single click and also offer the special discount on bundle purchase. You can manage discount for the bundle of product across multiple stores with ease using the Product Bundle Discount extension.

  • Ability to determine fix price or percentage discount for the bundle set of products
  • You can offer special promotions to specific groups of customers
  • Display bundle promotions on the cart page
  • Separate page to list all promotional offers
  • Ability to import or export product bundle promotions for multi-store websites

PDF Catalog Print Advanced

With this extension, you can create visually attractive and appealing catalogs that can include attributes like SKU, name, the image of the product, and other such attributes.

  • Admin can generate entire PDF catalog along with category tree as well as selected categories
  • Ability to generate QR codes for each individual product
  • Allows you to customize cover page, fonts, and select dynamic attributes for the product
  • Generate PDF catalog for specific customer group with discounted product price

Stripe Payment Module

This module allows you to accept Payments in Magento using the Stripe Payment Gateway. The Stripe Payment Module is extremely handy and allows your customers to save cards and eliminate the entire process of filling up the card details for every transaction they make.

  • Fully supports Magento’s Recurring Profile feature
  • Accepts all type of credit card and all currencies Stripe supports
  • Admin can place the order on behalf of the customer using their stored cards
  • Allow customers to set default credit card from a card list CIM Payment Module CIM (Customer Information Management) Extension allows customers to save the information directly on the secure servers of This extension allows a returning customer to quickly make payments using the information of the card they have stored with the
Prevent frauds by offering safe and secure payment option.
The merchant can create payment methods for each website.
Offer Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and hold-for-review features.
Authorize and Capture or Authorize only for invoice immediately or later at the time of shipment.
Admin can manage saved payment data for each customer.

CyberSource Payment Module

CyberSource payment extension offers a secure and simple way to store cards on the CyberSource server for making purchases in the future. The CyberSource Tokenization Payment Module covers a wide spectrum of merchants. This extension stores the payment details of the customer on CyberSource server using the services of the Magento store, which can be used on when the customer logs in for a purchase in future.

  • Prevents frauds and receive payments without any hassle
  • Allows you to create the partial invoice for the single order
  • Admin can configure payment method for each website
  • Admin can place the order on behalf of the customer with their stored cards
  • Admin can manage saved payment data for each customer

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the launch of our Magento 2 ready extensions. Soon our entire range of extensions will be Magento 2 ready and available for you to boost your e-commerce business. You can follow us on social media or visit for more information.

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