MageDelight Extensions For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Enjoy 15% Discount On Top-Rated MageDelight Extensions For The Upcoming Holiday Season!

As e-commerce gets more exciting and dynamic in the present era, many e-commerce stores are being launched all around the world. These online shops offer more and more breathtaking products and online services to you so that you can enjoy purchasing with armchair convenience and choose the best of products without stepping into a brick and mortar store.

Magento Extensions – making it flexible for online shoppers
Several e-commerce sites make the use of extensions to make it easier and more flexible for online shoppers. Especially when the holiday season is nearing, these extensions make it easier for store owners as well as customers to enjoy the world of e-commerce in a dynamic manner. Now that the Magento is the leading e-commerce brand, many Magento e-commerce developers have now developed Magento extensions that can be installed on Magento e-commerce stores without much effort.

Our Top Rated Extensions
At MageDelight, we want to make e-commerce more convenient and fruitful for you. So now as a commitment to our dear customers for the holiday season, we have launched a fabulous 15% discount for interested users for our line of highest-rated range of extensions, which comprises of the following:

Membership subscription:

Allows customers to subscribe products / services and pay recurring payments.

  • Admin can manage Membership subscriptions plans
  • Allows customers to subscribe to a featured or listed plan
  • Subscriber can pay through a recurring payment functionality
  • Future payments will line up according to the recurring profile settings

Product bundled discount:

Makes it possible to set discounts for groups of products and encourage customers to buy combo products.

  • All type of product support (except group product type)
  • Special page to list down all promotions
  • Import / Export product bundle promotions
  • Allow specific promotions to customer groups
  • Supports to multi-store website

PDF Catalog Print Advance:

Allows store visitors to generate and download PDF catalogs of all products.

  • Admin can generate entire PDF catalog along with category
  • QR code for each individual product
  • Dynamic product attribute selection for catalog print
  • Customized cover page and fonts
  • Generate PDF catalog with specific customer group product price

Price Per Customer:

Prices can now be individualized for every customer. The most loyal customers can be rewarded with lower prices.

  • Sets product price discount for individual customers
  • Special offer page in front-end
  • Set fixed price Or Tier price per customer in case more than one price given to a customer
  • Sets percentage global discount for entire product catalog per individual customer

We have over ten years of experience in eCommerce and over five years in Magento. Today, we are a virtual gateway to the world of Magento extensions, wherein we provide progressive as well as innovative solutions for the Magento Platform. We are committed to providing transparency and clarity in the Magento extensions business.

When it comes to digital markets, we remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving scenario and understand the dynamic and constantly changing nature of the e-commerce market. At MageDelight, our endeavor is to operate at the forefront of e-commerce digital technology, so that our customers can utilize the most useful as well as updated extensions. Why not visit for more information!

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