Five amazing Magento extensions

Five amazing extensions for your magento ecommerce website

Presently, Magento is the leading e-commerce software provider in the world. With tons of amazing features and hundreds of extensions available through its official website, Magento is now more favored over other competing e-commerce platforms.

Since a lot of functionality within Magento ecommerce stores is being carried out through extensions, why not devote this article to the five best extensions available on some of the prestigious Magento related websites on the Internet:

PDF Catalog Print Advance

The PDF Catalog Print Advance extension from takes care of the fact that often store owners need to send an updated catalog in the form of a hard copy to the wholesale customer. The PDF Catalog Print Advance allows the visitor or customer to print/download the PDF product catalog in a document from Magento store.

Magento WordPress Integration

This extension which is developed by Fishpig integrates Magento with WordPress smoothly. This is certainly iconic as the best e-commerce platform joins hands with the best-in-class open source blogging platform. This sort of integration can be aptly described as a glove that fits perfectly in one’s hands. The special features are that you can login with just one click to WordPress from the Magento admin and you are provided with all the benefits of WordPress as a standalone installation.

Product Bundled Discount

With this extension, users can add an entire bundle of products to the cart with just a click of the mouse. This extension makes it extremely easy for the vendor to define the set of items on which they are willing to offer the group discount. Once the set of items has been defined, the sales bundle can be formed that can be added to the shopping basket quickly and a present discount gets applied as well.


Developed by Gordon Lesti for Magento CE Full page caching, this extension solves Magento’s unique drawback of front end performance, which is only due to its vastly extensible nature. Since the Enterprise Version has its onw page cache by default, the Magento FPC by Gordon Lesti is for The CE version. However, it is advisable to consult a full service development agency should you discover that FPC does not solve your performance issues.

One step Checkout Extension for Magento

This one-step checkout extension from Code Canyon is a great module that reduces the checkout steps to just one. All the checkout blocks appear concurrently and the user can complete the process in just one go. Thus, users are encouraged to complete their order quickly and enjoy their shopping experience rather than abandoning their shopping carts.

Why not try out these extensions to take your business to the next higher level. Of course, there are more extensions available in the Magento Market that you can try and also achieve success.

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