Magento 2 GeoIP Advance Extension

GeoIP Advance Magento 2 Extension Removes Your Multi Store Development Cost for Your Extended Business Reach.

Customers love the shopping more when they get native feel/environment while they are shopping online, as they get familiar language to understand the product or services as well as get local currency rates to deal with, they don’t need to worry about exchange rates and get confused,Overall it improves the shopping experience of your customer and result in increased conversion rate of your Magento Store.

To satisfy this needs of customers, merchants need to create multiple stores for multiple geographical locations when they have vast geographical business reach,

But now Mage Delight Introduces GeoIP Advance Magento 2 Extension which eliminates multi-store development cost for merchants who have the widespread geographical business reach and help you in increasing your sales as well as satisfying your customer needs, sounds interesting right?

Let’s Look at some of the Key Features of GeoIP Advance Magento 2 Extension

  • Provide native feeling too foreign customers
  • Manage Country Mapping
  • Redirect Multiple Countries to a Single Store
  • Manage Currency Mapping
  • Link-Specific Currency to Selected Country
  • Import IP-Country Database
  • Restrict IP to Access Website
  • Improve your e-store business reach

To know more about more features detail and pricing of this exceptional Magento 2 extension visit  GeoIP Advance For Magento 2 or contact us with your queries and suggestions.

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