How To Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization By Adding a Simple Magento Extension?

The primary goal for every online store is earning great revenues. And, this can be done by tweaking and enhancing your Magento store to improve the conversion rates.

The best way to boost conversion rates is streamlining your checkout process.

Having your hard-earned prospects gushing out your website without shopping is like walking into a grocery store and seeing number of filled carts simply sitting there, abandoned and only a few people walking out with groceries.

How can we fix it?

First, we need to figure out what’s going wrong?

Why are your shopping carts abandoned?

A study from baymard says, a long and complicated checkout process is the third major reason people abandon online shopping carts.

Reason for abandonments during checkout

When it comes to online shopping, modern customers like to complete their checkout with minimal efforts. It’s like: the more questions you ask them on checkout, the more likely they’ll leave their shopping carts abandoned.

The best example of a successful checkout is Amazon’s One click checkout, which completes the shopping process with just a few button clicks.

One Step Checkout for Magento 2 Store

The good news is that you can also enhance your checkout page by installing the One Step Checkout for Magento 2 extension from MageDelight.

This is an impressive plugin that displays all the checkout steps at once, so the user does not need to go back and forth different pages to finish the checkout process. Moreover, the module supports all the major payment methods, allows great flexibility on delivery time and methods, and lets users to either login, sign-up or checkout as a guest user. In addition to this, the One page Checkout uses Google Suggest which automatically saves the users’ information from their Google accounts, instead of filling out those tedious personal details manually.

So, here are the top checkout things you can quickly fix by adding this extension to your Magento 2 store:

  • Lesser clicks to checkout
  • Faster checkout process
  • Offer users to have the same shipping address as the billing
  • Allow them to guest checkout(without entering customer profile)

In a Nutshell

If you haven’t improved and customized your Magento store and checkout page too much yet, it will take only a couple of hours to implement the plugin, and you can reap the benefits increased conversion rates for the years to come! If you need a bit more help, our support team is here to help.

Don’t miss out and get your One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension today!

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