Improve your Sales Exceptionally

Improve your Sales Exceptionally with Magento Extensions from MageDelight

In the post modern world that exists today, the world wide web has burst forth as an assortment of opportunities for everyone. Today, the internet is the new engine of growth and has led to the scorching growth of eCommerce all around the world.

Magento has emerged the leader in eCommerce platforms globally, as many eCommerce merchants are switching over to this platform to further their business plans and improve their profit margins. Among all types of growth, eCommerce is the sure leader, which has led to the proliferation of online shops. To make the interaction of customers easier with the online interface, Magento allows the use of extensions. These are nothing but smart pieces of code that help improve the overall experience while on the store.

These extensions could help improve sales, or enable better access to the store, offer better shopping cart access, or any thing, depending upon what the particular extension has been designed to do. A few such extensions developed by the leading Magento Extensions Company MageDelight are designed to boost sales on your store. Let us understand these extensions in brief:

Product Bundled Discount

Product Bundled DiscountThe product bundled discount extension works by way of helping the eCommerce merchant drastically improve the order size by encouraging the customer to add an entire bundle of products to the cart for a discount. The additional one click feature also motivates visitors to complete their shopping quickly and add more products to their basket.

Price Per Customer

Price Per CustomerThe price per customer extension by MageDelight helps the eCommerce merchant convert his or her regular customers to loyal customers. The way this extension works is simple. It offers special price incentives to different customer groups, which may be regular customers, casual customers, or even your loyal customers. You can offer price incentives to your regular customers or casual customers to become loyal customers.

Wholesale Packaged Products

Wholesale Packaged ProductThe Wholesale packaged products makes it easy for the store owner to create custom options for each product, which other wise is a time consuming and repetitive task with the product manager. Hence, with a separate options manager, you can quickly and easily create, alter, and remove product options and relate it with the products as well. You can even apply defined custom options directly on the product edit page.

Use these extensions for improving sales on your web store and witness the difference.

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