Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension

Increase Your Sales with Magento 2 Shop by brand extension

There are tons of products from different brands listed on ecommerce store. You need a better navigation and a filter by brand for sure! So, here’s an ultimate solution from MageDelight – Shop by brand extension.

The Shop by brand extension brings an enhanced shopping experience for your customers and it is really helpful in building customer loyalty of the shoppers who make buying decisions based on brand value. This incredible add-on makes it easy for your customers to browse and shop by particular brands like authors, artists, manufacturers, etc.The extension helps showcasing your featured brands and its products and in turn raise customer attention and increase brand promotion to eventually generate more revenue.

The store admin can display the shop by brand block in the main navigation menu and also set the limits from admin panel. The extension is extremely flexible and allows admin to highlight the selected brands on the home page of the website.

Key Features of Shop by brand extension for Magento2

Accentuate Prominent Brands in Main Navigation Menu

Display brands in the main navigation menu on the home page. You can also have sub brands to redirect users to specific brand page.

Multiple Filters to Search, Sort and Arrange

It is important to organize the brands listing in a visually appealing manner. This includes sorting by name and position, group by alphabets and other options to sort the brands from frontend. It is equally important that the products are easily searched without any page or AJAX reloads.

Compatible with Layered Navigation

By integration of layered navigation, the customers can easily filter products by brands. This option appears in the left sidebar with other brand attributes.

Import/Export Values of Brand Attributes

Using the import feature of the extension, you can easily manage multiple brands’ changing values simply by modifying your .csv file and uploading it to edit any values of existing brand attributes.

SEO friendly Pages for Each Brand

The store admin can easily add a block with brand names and their logos to the main navigation menu on home page of the website. It can also have sub brands to redirect customers to specific brand page. Adding the logo, meta title and description for each brand brings a whole new level of shopping experience to the customers and grabbing an SEO advantage.

How Admin Benefits From Shop by Brand Extension of Magento2?

  • Allows admin to import/export brands and products through .csv files.
  • Allows admin to easily manage brands, sync products with brands and view sale chart report for each brand.
  • Allows admin to easily add featured brands block into any cms page, static block, template file and layout file as slider or static block.
  • Allows enough flexibility for frontend customization to admin to enable/disable blocks in brands listing page and brand view page.
  • SEO friendly and optimized brand pages

How Customers Benefits From Shop by Brand Extension of Magento2?

  • Easily search specific brand from main menu
  • Search on attribute specific page with more filter options displayed with layered navigation
  • Sorting the brands by names and position

Take Your Magento 2 store to the next level with remarkable extensions from MageDelight

The release of Shop by Brand Magento 2 has brought myriad of opportunities for the online stores to boost their website’s performance and push the growth upwards. Embracing the meticulous features and many other advantages offered by Magento2 extensions, your ecommerce store will reach a higher level, for sure.

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