Independence Day Sale

MageDelight Announces “Freedom Sale”: Celebrates 69th Indian Independence Day

15th August 2015 is a day to reckon with in India, as the entire nation will get together once again to celebrate its 69th Independence Day, to commemorate freedom from British Rule. On this day, the citizens of the nation get together in a festive spirit and celebrate the occasion with a lot of fervor and joy.

Independence Day Celebrations The Freedom Sale

To participate and share the spirit of celebrations in India and with the Indian Diaspora abroad, the leading extensions company MageDelight has launched the “Freedom Sale” from 13th to 17th August 2015. As part of this sale, MageDelight is excited to offer a flat 20% discount on all the extensions portfolio for this period. These extensions can be downloaded from

Why is Independence Day So Special!

For every Indian, Independence day celebrations carry feelings of dignity and a sense of pride. MageDelight would like to share the Joie de vivre and the honor that every Indian feels on this day with the rest of the world.

The company would also like to celebrate the Indian Independence day with the rest of the world. As part of the celebrations, MageDelight would like the entire globe to join in with the celebrations and also would like to invite leading eCommerce merchants running the Magento Platform to download the extensions.

MageDelight is among the topmost extensions provider for Magento installations all over the world. It is the aim of the company to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, which it assures via a top notch development team, which has been trained to the highest levels of accuracy and to produce the best-in-class and quality extensions.

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