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MageDelight Introduces Magento Extensions for Cutting-Edge Businesses

In the present world scenario, eCommerce has gained tremendous significance and has become a part of most people’s every day lives. It is without doubt that Magento has become extremely popular as a professional eCommerce platform.  Magento comes with all the bells and whistles that one needs for creating an online eCommerce store without any hassles that you could face if utilizing another eCommerce platform.  Despite its flexibility and ease of use, many eCommerce enthusiasts still want to add additional features to their Magento installations. For this reason, Magento extensions were introduced.

So, if you are looking for the most outstanding extensions in the Magento extension market, you can trust MageDelight  for the same. Our company is the gateway to an extensive range of Magento extensions that provide innovative solutions for the Magento Platform. We have over ten years of overall experience in eCommerce as well as over 5 years of composite experience in Magento. Hence, we are committed to providing the best extensions to take our client’s business a notch higher.

Actually, Magento extensions are pieces of code that help extend the functionality and usefulness of your Magento eCommerce store. Magento Extensions help you to customize your store exactly in line with your specific professional needs. With this, you can extend the use of your Magento store beyond what can be conventionally possible.  Utilizing Magento extensions has its own benefits, such as:

Creation Of User Friendly eCommerce Applications

  • Enhances The Look And Usability Of Your Store
  • Improves Sales And Helps Achieve End-Objectives
  • Enhances User Interaction
  • Saves Time
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction

The state-of-the-art extensions of Magedelight always go a long way in meeting the customer’s needs. We have top-of-the-range extensions that will help your company reach the heights. Being at the forefront of the ever evolving digital markets, we understand that the eCommerce environment is always changing. We always remain at the forefront with a sharpened edge to provide you with what you feel is the best for your online business.  Try out some of our extensions such as:

  • Multi Product Editor – Create predefined custom options for products. Also Assign predefined custom options for any number of products.
  • PDF Catalog Print – prints your online catalog in PDF format following predefined options
  • Combo /Product Pack – helps to administrator in create package of bundled   items for their wholesale customers
  • Smart Search – adds smart search option to your store to make search easier and manageable
  • Product Bundled Discount –  Bundled discount for your products.

Today, it is easy to customize a store with the help of Magento extensions and run it more efficiently. Custom installation by an expert team is the requirement of the day. At, we also has an enthusiastic and professional customer support team that provides you with extensive support. We are at the forefront of the ever evolving digital markets, as we can understand that eCommerce environment is always changing. Magedelight remains at the forefront with a sharpened edge. Our enthusiastic and professional customer support team provides you extensive support during installation of either our own product or your own custom Magento extension.

Going further, robustly built extensions behave as part of the store’s functionality and don’t cause any embarrassing problems. Investing in the right Magento extensions development projects ensure that your store is able to compete with the larger and more competitive stores on the Internet, and does not end up with the status of an ‘also-ran’. We are a trustful and dedicated company with a team of professionals ever ready to assist you with any issue! To summarize, capitalize on Magento extensions provided by for your Magento eCommerce business success.

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