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MageDelight Now Releases Upgraded Partial Payment Extension (Version 2.0.2)!

Owing to the runaway success of its flagship products which include the partial payment extension, the leading extensions developer MageDelight now offers a new, robust, and upgraded version of the Partial Payment Extension 2.0.2. This extension can be downloaded from here:

The new and upgraded Partial Payment Extension now includes the following salient points:

  • Include shipping and tax amount to installments
  • Allow single installment for partial payment.
  • Compatible with CIM payment method.
  • Fix the bug with cart rule price and grouped price calculation for installment.
  • Fix bug with PayPal standard payment installment calculation issues.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

With the help of the Partial Payment Extension from MageDelight, it is possible for the customer to pay the amount in installments for the products they buy from your eCommerce store. Thereby, they can pay for their order in a series of installments. The Partial payment extension is also helpful for the store administrator as well. Thus, they can also set which products will be available on an installment basis, in case the customers decide to pay partially.

The down-payment can be set, and the pending amount can be collected over a period of time. This method of periodic collection can mean steady revenues over a period of time, alongside increased profits and increase of a portion of sales via the partial payment route. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for the store owner and the store owner/admin as well

  • Customers Can Pay Installment From Their Account.
  • Admin Can Create Order With Partial Payment From Back-End.
  • Create Partial Payment Plans Using Catalog Rules.
  • Admin Can Reschedule The Installment Amount For Particular Installment.
  • Set Minimum Order Amount To Checkout Whole Cart With Partial Payment.
  • Auto Capture Payment Methods.
  • Admin Can Set The Partial Payment Periods For Users.
  • Product Based Partial Payment Options.
  • Admin Can View And Edit The Details Of The Orders With Partial Payment Under Sales Order Module Installment Details Tab.
  • Admin Can Set The Surcharge For The Amounts In The Partial Payment.
  • Reminder Email For The Payment At Selected Period Of Time.
  • Facility To Pay Installment For Whole Cart Value.
  • Installation Confirmation Email Setup From Admin.
  • Payment Can Be Done From Back-end Also.
  • Customer Can Make Full Payment For Rest Of Payment Amount.

Thus the Partial Payment Magento Extension makes it easy for the store owner to achieve the objective of higher sales and better product turnover. Some of the supported Payment Methods:

      • PayPal standard
      • AIM
      • Direct post
      • Check/Money Order
      • Cash on delivery
      • Saved CC
      • SagePay Suite Direct and Server

Auto Capture Supported Payment Methods

    • CIM

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