Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension

Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension – Let Your Customers Select Their Desirable Delivery Date and Time

While festive Season is around and e-store owners receive a frequent request for their customer to receive the product on specific date & time depending upon occasion, such requests are important for store an owner to adhere and fulfil to please their customer. To resolve this ambiguity and hassle, Mage Delight presents Delivery Date Magento 2 Extension, which will provide flexibility to the end user to schedule their deliveries and facilitates e-store owner to please their customer.

Why is Magento 2 Delivery Date extension must for magneto store owners?

  • Reduce abandonment score
  • Improve usability of your e-store
  • Make your e-store more customer centric
  • No more additional calls, customers leave all the necessary info during the shipping checkout step
  • Smoothen you product delivery process
  • Create flexible time ranges for delivery

Key Features of magento 2 delivery date for Customers

Select delivery date and time before placing an order
A Customer can select specific suitable date and time slot from nicely designed calendar option which makes it easier for a customer to select a date and provides an aesthetic appearance.

Add special comments:
A Customer can mention any special comment before selecting the convenient date and time of delivery of a product. Special note or instruction may be the guiding/exception note for the delivery man or store owner

Select call before delivery option:
A Customer can also choose call me before the delivery option to confirm the availability and hassle free product transfer or delivery.

 Key Features of magento 2 delivery datefor Merchants

Manage delivery schedule from the back end:
Enabling Merchants to easily manage and schedule configuration of dates and timings options that available for customers to select from.

Add Calendar View or Time Slot view as per the choice:
A Merchant can choose between time slot view and calendar view options to display while a customer is selecting the date and time of product delivery.

Set special price for select delivery option:
A Merchant can set special price particular special day shipment or delivery. Delivery exceptions of a festival day or public holiday can be charged extra with a simple configuration from admin backend panel.

Set minimum Interval of Hours:
A Merchant can set minimum interval of hours between the order placing time and delivery time depending on the estimated shipping date, so a customer will get a product on time.

Include Delivery Data in E-mails and PDF Documents:
You can see select product shipment date and time in order email generated to customer from backend order screen.

Make your store customer friendly by providing the option to schedule their product delivery as per their flexible date & time option.  For more details and demo of this unique extension, contact

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