Magento 2 Product Questions & FAQ Extension

Magento 2 Product Questions & FAQ Extension is the Game Changer for E-Store Owners

Product Questions and FAQs help Customers to assure that the product is the right fit for them, however sometimes people get messed up with Product question and FAQs considering that both are same, but there is a big difference between the two product question and the FAQ.

Product questions allow the customers to ask the questions directly on the product page, while FAQ section won’t allow the customers to ask the question, it has Predefine frequently asked questions and the answers are displayed on the FAQ page.

MageDelight present the Magento 2 Product question and FAQ extension which is the complete package that offers two different Magento 2 product questions module and Magento 2 FAQ module in one extension.

Let’s See Some Unique Features of Product Questions + FAQ Extension

  • Manage question and answer from the admin backend
  • Facilitates customer to ask questions via product page
  • Display question and answers to expand/ collapse feature
  • Powerful searching tool based on content, keywords, tags
  • Separate FAQ page with categories

Mag Delight’s Magento 2 product questions and FAQ extension, encourage the communication and share the additional information with your customers about the products and make their buying decision easier without switching the customers to the separate FAQ page.

To know more about the features, functionalities and pricing details you can visit Magento 2 Product Questions & FAQ or contact us with your queries and suggestions.

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