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Magento Extension – A Tool for Encouraging Repeat Purchases

Today, nearly everything known to man is available online. eCommerce is making purchasing simpler and less complicated presently. In the present scenario, customers can easily pay by credit card while making an online purchase, but every time they make a purchase from their favorite Magento eCommerce website, they need to enter your credit card details over and over again.

How is the Extension Beneficial:

However, if the customer is a regular buyer at a particular Magento eCommerce website then the website manager or the website owner can install the Authorize.NET CIM Extension that can be downloaded from a reputed extensions website such as MageDelight, to make things easier for the buyers. The rich capability of this API allows customers to store their credit card numbers securely on the secure servers. The details can then be used by the customer later for future transactions.

Benefits of the Extension:

Besides safety and security of the credit card information entered, you can receive payments without any hitches. Also, there are ample fraud prevention measures in place. Some of the ample benefits that you can obtain out of this extension are as below:

  • Safety and security of payments.
  • Fraud prevention measures.
  • Receive payments without any hitches.
  • Allow to create partial invoice of single order.
  • Allow to create credit memo online for invoice.
  • Merchant can configure payment method for each websites.
  • Admin can place order on behalf of customer with their stored cards.

Hence, this is a full fledged extension that makes it extremely simple for the customers to make standard payments in Magento. This extension allows customers to buy their products with the least of hassle and checkout rapidly from the store. The USP of this product is that it facilitates and encourages repeat orders and that too it stimulates people not to enter their credit numbers every time. In this way, the extension is really helpful for site owners who sell products that encourage repetitive visits and repeat purchases. The credit card numbers are securely stored on the Authorize.NET servers.

Some of the best features of this extension are:

  • Authorize and Capture or Authorize only for invoice immediately or later at the time of shipment.
  • Re-authorization after partial invoice.
  • Generate online Credit Memo, also allowed partial refund.
  • Authorize CIM API support for SOAP and XML both.
  • Accept payment with all type of credit card.
  • Void/cancel authorization.
  • Sending line items with transactions.
  • Address Validation (AVS).
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and hold-for-review.
  • Admin can manage saved payment data for each customer.

Thus, you can see that it is very easy for the customer to use this extension and make all the standard payments in Magento. As the aim of this customer-friendly extension is to encourage repeat purchases without any hassle. This magento extension saves all the credit card numbers securely with the Authorize CIM service and make the benefit available to returning customers every time

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