Magento Combo/Package Extension for Effortless Deals on Magento eCommerce Websites

While making an online purchase, many customers will have realized that it takes a certain amount of effort while making bundled purchases. Now, as a store owner, you might want to make it more convenient for your customers to add bundled products to their cart. Hence, the easiest way to achieve this objective is to install a Magento Combo/Product Pack Extension for your Magento powered website from

The package works well for bundled products, wherein you have bundled up the products especially in the form of combo packs (a.k.a. product packs). You can easily utilize this extension to create as well as configure them. Key features are as below:

  • Attractive user interface
  • Flexible and easy to add and remove products in package.
  • Works for bundle products with two or more items.
  • Developed with Magento standard architecture pattern.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of package items.
  • Support with Magento default import/export features.
  • 100% open source and developed with Magento standard architecture.
  • On demand customization in line with need.
  • Compatible with Magento newer version
  • Free extension updates available.
  • Lifetime support.

So, basically you sell one product and create a combo pack (chain of other products) along with it. You then provide a price for the combo product pack and that will be the price that people will pay for the entire deal. Bundled products are added automatically to the cart at the time of the purchase, and also removed if the order is canceled or refunded.

With the help of this extension, the administrator will be able to create a set of products that you want to include as a combo. The Magento native group type does not support the creation of a group of bundled products. However, this issue is solved with the help of the combo/package extension, by which the extension administrator can create the package (i.e. group of bundled products) easily. Please visit the store

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