Magento PDF Catalog Print Advance Extension – The Right Choice For Your PDF Catalog Requirements

pdf-catalog-print-advanceMany a times, customers request catalogs from online stores about the various types of products sold online. Often, online store owners cater to this demand and send hard copies of the store catalogs. However, producing hard copies of store catalogs is an expensive and arduous process and takes a significant chunk of time before the final copies are produced.

The scenario has now changed with the advent of PDF technology. As an online Magento store owner, you can simply utilize the Magento Catalog Print Extension Advanced by MageDelight from where you can generate the PDF catalog of your online merchandise in a flexible format for the selected category.

This extension allows the site visitor to generate, select the formatting option, and download the PDF catalog file for the browsed category, while achieving the goal of offline marketing. This product also helps save precious paper, which would have otherwise to be utilized in order to print conventional catalogs. The Magento Catalog Print Extension (Advanced Version) generates the PDF catalog with the following attributes:

  • Admin can generate entire PDF catalog along with category tree as well as selected categories.
  • QR code for each individual product.
  • Design PDF Catalog with color options and custom fonts.
  • Dynamic product attribute selection for catalog print.
  • Customized cover page and fonts.
  • Enabled with 5 international language support.

Customers can print/save catalog products with its attributes such as SKU, name, product image, etc. This extension provides the ability to print using two different layouts(Grid/List). Also, it provides other options like:

  • Include product’s category/sub-category headings.
  • Include Title/Cover page (Admin can upload cover page image in admin panel).
  • Include Table of Contents with page numbers and links to particular page.
  • Attach Index by manufacturer no. /part name in ascending order at the end of the document.
  • Customer can easily find a particular product in catalog using this index.

Some of the features of the Magento PDF Catalog Print Extension (Advanced Version) are:

  • Link on for catalog print on each category page.
  • Allows product list in Grid or List view.
  • Allows admin to list out product attributes to make available for catalog document.
  • Generate entire catalog PDF from admin.
  • Design document title/cover page.
  • Design PDF by changing font color, border color, also you can upload new fonts (upload font files).
  • QR code for each product.
  • Admin access to generate catalog PDF for selected categories.
  • Different configuration options for Grid view and List view.
  • Enable/Disable catalog print link on frontend.
  • Store level and user group level access of catalog print on front-end.

If you own a Magento eCommerce store, then you can certainly go for this extension, which is available for an extremely reasonable price. Visit for additional information today!

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