Magento Stripe Payment Module

Magento Stripe Payment Module Now Launched by MageDelight

Ever wondered how easy it has become to accept payments online? MageDelight, Now offers the Stripe Payment Module for accepting payment using the Stripe Payment Gateway. Users even get a secure and a simple way to store cards on the Stripe server for making purchases in the future. Why not download the extension from here:

Some of the benefits and features of the Stripe Payment Module are as below:


  • Safety and security of payments
  • Customers can save credit cards for future purchases
  • No card details are stored in your Magento database
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • Allows to create partial invoice of single order
  • Allows to create credit memo online for invoice
  • Also supports partial refund
  • Merchant can configure payment method for each websites.
  • Admin can place order on behalf of customer with their stored cards.


  • Accept payment with almost every type of credit card.
  • Accept any currency that Stripe supports.
  • Authorize and Capture or Authorize only for invoice immediately or later at the time of shipment.
  • Generate online Credit Memo, also allowed partial refund.
  • Uses Stripe.js to manage cards to ensure full PCI compliance.
  • Address Validation (AVS) enable for secured transaction.

The stripe Payment Module allows for deep integration with the Stripe Payment Gateway. It comes in extremely handy for customers as customers can save card information on the stripe server and get rid of the process of filling up the card details for every transaction they make. This module is developed in such a way that it covers the needs of a wide range of merchants.

The module offers a secure as well as a simple way to store and manage cards on stripe server for making purchases in the future. This extension helps increase conversions by making it easier for your customers to checkout and pay successfully.

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