Moneris payment extension for Magento 2

Moneris Payment- The Magento 2 Extension To Level Up The Transaction Security

Customer convenience always stays at the top priority for the online Magento eCommerce business to step in with the modern customer trends. No matter what customers are doing from online shopping to registration to the final checkout, every micro-activity of the customers should be taken care of to enhance the customer experience.

That’s the reason USA based Magento Ecommerce stores are looking for the best online payment options which make the checkout process seamless by accepting the payment in US dollars via the array of credit cards and securely save the card’s data for future purchase.

The search for such payment module ends at Moneris.

Catering USA and Canada merchants’ needs, Moneris payment gateway was built in the year 2000 as a joint investment between RBC Royal Bank and BMO Bank of Montreal to offer credit, debit and online payment processing services seamlessly.

The leading payment processor enjoys the virtue of processing over 3 billion transactions a year at 350,000 merchant locations. Recently, to enable the online merchants to improve their worth, and take hold of the USA and international customers, the dynamic currency conversion feature is also added.

The Magento 2 Moneris payment gateway extension from Magedelight is helping the merchants to accomplish the same.

The Moneris Payment Module eliminates the online merchants’ risk of storing a customers’ crucial data on the store server, by directly saving the financial data to the Moneris server using encrypted tokens.

Let’s discover what’s more the Moneris Magento 2 extension by Magedelight has to offer:

  • Save credit card information: With Moneris hosted tokenization, the credit card data that customers want to save is encrypted first and then transferred to Moneris server directly from the checkout page to provide a high level of security.
  • Support myriad of the cards: The merchants can configure the number of credit cards from the back-end through which customers can pay.
  • Credit card information management: The customers have complete control over the credit card information saved. They can add, edit or delete the saved cards.
  • Immediate order notification: A notification and an email are sent to the customers when they place the order.
  • Financial data is highly secured: The admin cannot place the order using the customers saved credit card information unless the customers won’t provide CCV to them.
  • Multiple invoice creation: The customers can split the single order by creating multiple invoices for the different quantity of the product.
  • Refund management: The Moneris Magento 2 extension for USA merchants allow them to easily manage the different type of refunds in no time.

The comprehensive features of Moneris payment gateway for Magento 2 store brought numerous benefits on the top of the table for merchants and customers. They are:

  • Improve cardholders’ security as no one can place the order using customers credit card data
  • Authentication on every transaction aids in winning the customer trust
  • The E-fraud tools reduce the fraudulent transactions’ risk by identifying them in the real-time
  • 24/7 access to the transaction reporting keep the merchants updated about various activities
  • Speed up the checkout by saving credit card information
  • Hand over maximum customizability to the merchants


Every Magento Ecommerce store wants to offer the transaction processing in a secure environment. The Magedelight’s Moneris Magento 2 extension allow the stores to get relieved from handling customers transaction data, keep the hassle of entering credit details repetitively out on the future purchase during checkout and give a sense of high security to the customers with state-of-the-art prevention measures.

The leading payment solution is the complete package integrating with which the USA Ecommerce stores can make it theft-proof. Don’t hold fire, go ahead.

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