Our Next Product – “Wholesale Packaged Product Extension!!!”

Wholesale Packaged Product ExtensionMageDelight takes immense pleasure in announcing our next product “Wholesale Packaged Product Extension” from MageDelight. This product has been specially made with the wholesale customer in mind and for the fashion and apparel vertical. It is also very useful for the gifts industry segment. With a few clicks of the mouse, multiple variations of the same product can be ordered as just one single bundle.  This extension is simply unique as the Magento native grouped product type does not support creation of a group of bundled products.

With this extension, the wholesale buyer can easily specify the order with different attributes. This extension allows the administrator of your eCommerce website to create a package/group of bundled products easily and make purchasing a fun activity for wholesale customers. The best part of this extension is that it allows for the product bundle to be of any size, or it allows for an unlimited number of items in the product bundle (package). Choose the Wholesale Packaged Product Extension for a pleasurable wholesale purchasing experience!

Our next product, The Wholesale Packaged Product Extension” from MageDelight, can be smartly used for hassle-free ordering. We will keep you posted on the launch of this product, which is happening soon. Visit our site again for a detailed writeup as we will unwrap this product soon!

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