Product Bundled Discount – Version 2.0.1 with Many Cool Features

Product Bundled DiscountThe Product Bundled Discount is basically a Magento extension that allows products to be bundled together with just a click of the mouse to be offered as a set. These bundled products can then be offered at a discount as an incentive to lure the buyer for more purchases. This “One-Click” extension makes it simple for bundled items to be added to the cart so that the overall order size can be increased.

The Good News!!!

However, there is Good News for the lovers of this extension. For the current users of this extension and those who would like to download this particular updated version, the good news is that we have announced an update to this extension. Subsequently the Magento Product Bundled Discount Edition version 2.0.1 is the updated version that includes many cool features that were not included in the previous version. There are many great things about this extension that will cheer you up:

What All’s Included

  • With this updated extension, you can import / export product bundle promotions.
  • All types of products are supported (except group product types).
  • Initially, the extension only supported simple product types.
  • You can even create specific promotions for the same product, which was initially limited to a single bundle promotion only.
  • A date range can now be defined to enable bundle promotions
  • You can also show bundle promotions for associated products too.
  • Also, there is a special page to list down all the promotions.


As you will notice, this extension has been built keeping in mind the positive feedback received from the market, after which the update has been carried out. After all, the updated version is capable of drastically increasing order quantity, so that you as the owner of your web store can truly benefit from it. Especially, the one-click method by which it works helps as well to speed up the orders on the website and ultimately helps in eCommerce growth.

The Product Bundled Discount Magento Extension, which is a delightful extension from MageDelight has now been updated and the latest version has been released. Visit the website to learn more.

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