Stripe payment magento 2 extension

Secure Your Ecommerce Transactions With Stripe Payment Module

Since 2011, the USA-based payment gateway is providing the unmatched services to the internet Ecommerce leveraging its powerful and flexible tools. It boasts of having 28% of the market share in the USA for managing the payment information using Stripe.JS.

Stripe payment gateway is on the constantly improving bandwagon and iterates frequently to help the Magento Ecommerce store get access to the advanced technologies. It is also helping the stores to innovate and resolve the issues that Ecommerce prospects are facing. What are they? Take a quick look at them:

  • Enable secure transaction on the Stripe server
  • No transaction details are saved in Ecommerce environment
  • Allow customers to save the cards for the future purchase
  • Payment via number of credit cards becomes viable

The best solution makes the Magento 2 stripe extension to stay on the top of the line for the Magento Ecommerce store to comfort and delight the customers. There is something more…

The exclusive features offered by Mage delight’s Magento 2 stripe payment extension:

  • Execute the transaction on Strip.JS: The extension zero in the probability of customers’ sensitive data theft by saving all the data on the Stripe server and squarely pass the payment data to the server by making a round to the store server.
  • Global payment acceptance: Admin can configure the store’s access for the nations of which the customers are allowed to make the payment. Also, they can transact in the native currency due to multi-currency support.
    Support for the bevy of cards: The customers can make the payment via the myriad of credit cards types that Stripe support and are allowed by the admin.
  • Cards Self-management: The customers can add, edit and delete the credit card details that are saved on the stripe payment server.
  • Multiple invoice management for the same order: Bingo! The customers can make the payment partially for a single order with multiple invoices creation. For every invoice, the payment is re-authorized again and again to ensure the transaction security.
  • Refund management: During the product refund, the admin can easily manage the refunds online from the backend without charging a single penny.

The client side tokenization provides PCI DSS compliance to the Magento 2 stripe payment gateway. The Magento 2 Stripe Payment Module integration alongside the array of features offers a pool of advantages to the customers. Here they are:

  • Raised the bar for transaction’s security
  • Gain the customers’ confidence
  • Relieve the stress of adding card details for the return customers
  • Delight the customers with myriad of payment options
  • Customize the checkout with payment gateway configuration
  • Checkout becomes easier with multi-currency support


Magedelight’s offering- the stripe payment gateway Magento 2 extension scores high when it comes to the flexibility, security, convenience and rich functionality it provides to the Magento Ecommerce store during the transaction. Also, it offers a great level of customization to the merchants that aid them to fulfil the customers’ payment needs. All in all, it’s benefitting both Magento 2 Ecommerce stores and the customers. Tweak the extension that suits best your business and help to garner maximum returns.

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