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Smart Search Extension: Best-in-Class Experience For Magento eCommerce Websites

Today, it has become very natural to use Google to look up the Internet whatever we are searching for. Now-a-days, most of us do not think for a second time while using Google, be it a simple meaning of a word or even the latest happenings around the world.

Other websites have taken to the concept of a seamless search experience and are now at the very top of the Internet league, just because of the exceptional and seamless search experience they provide. As examples, we can surely quote Google, Net-Flix, and Amazon.

In-spite of Google being a search engine, many websites have borrowed the concept of Google and transplanted it as part of their on-site search behavior. This search behavior can be utilized to improve the store’s user experience and consequently increase profits and revenues.

  1. Do you need to search for the search box?
    If this is a yes, then you need to get working right away to get the search box in place right away. Hence, it is ideal to incorporate the search box in the right place on the web page. Also, it always pays to check if the search field adds to the design of the website rather than take them away.
  2. Think about hand-held devices as well
    Its not about search just on devices such as your laptop, but on other devices such as the mobile and tablet as well. You will be aware that many a times, an auto-complete feature helps in producing a better search experience. Introduce the search feature along with auto-complete and remove the frustration that is involved in shopping using smaller screens.
  3. Magento’s seamless experience
    Just as auto-complete, auto-suggest, and suggested search help improve the search experience in Google, Magento also offers the same experience, which is intended at providing a better, seamless user experience to meet customer needs.
  4. Make sure the ‘no results obtained’ search offers a tangible alternative
    It offends many people to note that their search has resulted in ‘0’ results. In the real world, this is the equivalent of asking the customer to leave and not offering anything besides what he wants. Here, we can use technology to make up for the lack of a real world sales associate and offer something tangible rather than a ‘zero’.

Today, many such extensions provide a wide range of features that make the quick search feature more user friendly. This allows customers to find the desire product quickly without clicking on the submit button.

Magento Smart Search ExtensionExtensions such as the Magento Smart Search Extension from MageDelight use the Magento Standard Search Algorithm so that it can retrieve the list of products that match with the typed keyword by the customer. With the help of AJAX search, it becomes possible to display products easily without refreshing pages.

This extension combines several smart features such as auto suggestion, back-end product attribute management, customizable layout, result sorting, and many others, along with an affordable price to be among the most superior extensions available currently. This makes it an instant favorite among visitors and has gone forward to be a major success in eCommerce circles online.

To conclude, an online search, although its seems very simple, can really make a big impact. It is a great tool to retain your site visitors in any possible way. Thus, improve your site search and begin this optimization process as soon as your can. You need to understand that users have come to your site for a particular reason. Therefore, they need to find out what they are looking for, or else they will go away. If they go away frustrated then they will never come back to your website any time soon! Hence, it is better to use a powerful search based feature such as the Smart Search AutoComplete Extension from MageDelight.

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