Smart Search Magento Extension

Smart Search Extension from MageDelight for Accurate Search Results and Assured Conversions

Magento Smart Search ExtensionMore often that not, visitors turn to the search function available on your Magento website to dig into your store and discover what you have purchased. Research has it that conversions improve dramatically if the customers are able to locate what they has exactly searched for.

For this reason, it is recommended that you install the Magento Smart Search Extension available Free of Cost (FoC) from MageDelight –  the gateway to some of the most outstanding Magento Extensions for your Magento Store. Some of the advantages of using the Magento Smart SEARCH (auto-complete) extension are as below:

  • Results can be display in suggestions below search box.
  • User can see the result and navigate directly by clicking on that product.
  • Admin can manage the number of items that can be displayed in the suggestions.
  • Product Attributes can be managed from back-end.
  • Selected attributes of product will be display in the suggestion area.
  • Searched Items can be displayed in customizable layout.
  • Sorting of results in the suggestions can be managed by specific attribute to product.
  • User can search by tags as well as product attributes on the front-end.
  • Ability for admin to display out of stock products or not.

This extension allows the customer to find the desired product quickly without clicking on the search button. The extension makes use of the standard search algorithm to find the desired product by displaying a list of products which match the typed keyword by the customer. This AJAX based extension makes it possible to display products without refreshing the page.

Help your customers find what they really want. Its high time you got the smart search (auto-complete) extension from MageDelight. Visit the store for more details.

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