The World Of Magento Extensions

The World Of Magento Extensions Just Got Better With MageDelight!

The wired world of today offers a huge opportunity for ecommerce and entrepreneurs who wish to go forward and develop their own online business. As it stands today, the ecommerce is trending presently and has surged ahead of brick and mortar in many parts of the world. The figures for ecommerce are astounding indeed.

It is predicted that global B2C ecommerce sales will be over $ 1.7 trillion dollars for 2015. The coming years are predicted to be more competitive where online stores will be pitted against other ecommerce ventures on the Internet and other physical stores as well. As it will be, e-tailers will come up will more and more ways of attracting more customers over the years.

The Advent of ecommerce platforms

eCommerce stores have increased to a great extent around the world presently. Many ecommerce platforms have come into existence to promote ecommerce so that entrepreneurs and businesses can build eCommerce websites. Of all the ecommerce platforms, the Magento ecommerce platform stands out as one of the versatile platforms that has a huge range of features that are essential in today’s virtual world.

The World of Magento Extensions

Now, to make selling easier on Magento powered stores, several extensions have been developed to make the process of buying easier for prospective customers. In keeping with the latest market trends, we at MageDelight have introduced a wide spectrum of extensions for ecommerce store administrators and owners.

MageDelight’s extensions are now accessible at affordable rates

Since the holiday season is just round the corner, we at MageDelight now offer up to 50% discount on all our extensions. Our intention is to allow ecommerce merchants ranging from SMEs to enterprise class organizations to enhance as well as intensify their business prospects and ensure a prosperous business. Why not visit for more details!

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