Top Free Extensions for your Magento Store from Magedelight

Magento has emerged as an extremely popular platform in the present eCommerce era. Based on the Zend Framework, it has a very flexible architecture that has won the ways of many an ecommerce enthusiast around the world.  Though Magento has been around for only a short while now, it has beaten other close competitors to become the number one eCommerce platform on a global basis.

The fact that Magento allows developers to build plugins or templates for it makes it all the more popular among eCommerce enthusiasts. Hence, there are plenty of worthy and robust magento extensions available out there on the Internet, and that too available for free! Let us check out some of the Free Magento extensions available presently on

1.    Magento Smart Search ExtensionMagento Smart Search Extension
This extension is a smart version of the native Magento search extension, through which the results can be displayed as suggestions below the search box. The users can see the results and directly navigate by clicking on that product.  By using the Magento Standard search algorithm, it retrieves the list of products that match with the typed keywords by the customer.  The AJAX based retrieving and rendering of data makes it possible to display products quickly without refreshing the page.

2.    Magento Multi Product Editor ExtensionMagento Multi Product Editor Extension
Since it could be extremely time consuming and repetitive for creating custom options with the product manager, the task of applying defined custom options directly on the product edit page is made simple with Magento Multi-Product Editor Extension. The separate options manager makes it quick and easy to create, alter, and remove product options as well as relate it to the respective products.  This extensions uses Magento native data structure of custom option for storage. It is extremely easy to install and use and is 100% open source.

Let’s hope these extensions help you to increase your efficiency as well as the efficacy of your Magento store. Good Luck!

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