Top Magneto 2 Extensions

Top Magento 2 Extensions by MageDelight

Magento community has welcomed the new Magento 2 platform warmly. Just like older versions, expert Magento developers had started development for useful and meaningful extensions in the new contexts of new release and trend in the market.

Therefore, it is imperative for Magento ecommerce store owners to check out and installs the most appropriate Magento 2 extension in their storefronts. If such extensions have developed by highly experienced, experts, and certified Magento developers, high quality is a guarantee.

Therefore, in the same post, we are going to check highly useful Magento 2 extensions developed by MageDelight team, which are contributing to payment, marketing, sales, and other vital functions.

Subscribe Now - Magento 2

Aim behind it:

We are aware of the advantages of ‘Subscription Business Model’ in certain business niches online and offline. “Subscribe Now” is devoted to ‘Subscription Business Model’ and avail such benefits for Magento eCommerce owners.

Distinguished Features:

  • Product subscription management makes easy
  • Excellent payment gateway supports
  • High-end security and PCI compliance
  • Tracking of customer subscription makes easy
  • Instant notification on each move including addition (starts), deletion (ends), and modification (updates) of subscription
  • Great marketing opportunities

Benefits to Magento 2 eCommerce Owners:

  • SUBSCRIPTION NOW increases recurring income and win customer loyalty in bonus
  • Deplete the customer acquisition cost
  • Helps in streamlined business operations
  • Reducing inventory keeping cost due to pre-planned & repeat orders
  • Due to multi-currency and multilingual support chances are high for global business

CyberSource Tokenization - Magento 2

Aim behind it:

eCommerce customers are always looking for additional facilities and comforts. Therefore, it goes true for payment gateways too. CyberSource Tokenization – Magento 2 is a payment module with additional features and functionality to ease the life of your Magento shoppers as well as your storefront admin.

Distinguished Features:

  • Module comes with stringent security measures to make payment process reliable and secure
  • Capabilities to generate partial invoice to provide extra to your shoppers, and offers reauthorization of invoice
  • Enables your store admin to make payment on behalf of your loyal customers
  • Allow you to make partial refund for an order, in the case items returning
  • Permits all types of internationally standard credit cards
  • Ability to ship info of sent items along with transactions
  • Address validation enhances security

Benefits to Magento 2 Ecommerce Owners:

  • Secure payment wins trust of shoppers
  • Additional facilities and functions encourage engagements
  • Help ecommerce owners to increase revenue through additional efforts CIM - Magento 2

Aim behind it:

Frequent shoppers encounter one unpleasant task every time they pass through the checkout process, and it is furnishing highly secure card details accurately.

At another hand, is a reputed payment gateway services with secure servers and offer additional services such as storing credit/debit card data of its patrons safely on its servers.

Therefore, CIM – Magento 2 extension is grabbed the opportunity to leverage its services. Thus, this extension delivers card info quickly, as well as directly in completely secure ways by leaving no trace of fraudulent activities during the checkout process.

Distinguished Features:

  • Ecommerce shoppers of your Magento 2 store can store card details safely using Authorize Customer Information Management (CIM) services and can use it repeatedly during future transactions
  • Authorize CIM API supports SOAP and XML-like both technologies and offers convenience to the customers
  • Magento 2 shoppers with this extension can make partial invoice or make multiple payments by re-authorization process in secure ways
  • We use Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and hold-for-reviews like additional steps to ensure advanced security for the shoppers
  • Ecommerce users can use all types of internationally recognized cards (Debit/credit) with this extension

Benefits to Magento 2 Ecommerce Owners:

  • Magento 2 store admin with this extension can add, delete, and edit card info from backend whenever needed because some customers cannot do it comfortably or accurately and need help of support system in odd cases
  • Admin can place an order on behalf of the customers and can use compatible cards from backend with help of shoppers who wish to shop by methods other than online
  • The extension enhances secure transactions through various validation methods including address validation

Product Bundled Discount - Magento 2

Aim behind it:

The objective of all ecommerce owners is to increase revenue anyhow and to sell more than one product per transaction is the best way to achieve it. Therefore, in ecommerce community ‘Packaged Deal’ term is famous and use for the set of relevant products (Bundle).

If ecommerce store is offering a hefty discount on such bundled products, shoppers forced to purchase it due to temptations and Product Bundled Discount extension enable you to create discount packages for different bundles of goods to increase sale and revenue as well.

Distinguished Features:

  • Can define access for the specific groups of shoppers to have set discounts
  • Shoppers can find the same product bundles with discounts on multiple stores running through single backend of Magento 2
  • Shoppers find bundled products with supports for all products
  • Ecommerce visitors can find import/export product bundle promotions used in other stores
  • Find display of related bundle promotions on the shopping cart
  • Find fixed price or percentage for discounts
  • Find multiple promotions for the same product

Benefits to Magento 2 Ecommerce Owners:

  • It offers special page to list all your promotion to avoid duplication
  • Admin can define timeline for the promotions or discounts individually for bundles
  • Extension provides flexibility to bundle cross-category products or complimentary products
  • It allows bundling of the contradictory nature of products too like high to low inventory
  • It enhances sales and revenue by compelling shoppers to buy more than one products through bundle discounts
  • Ecommerce store can sell less selected items too with bundle discounts
  • It offers comfort of shopping for multiple products with a single click and single checkout process

Price Per Customer - Magento 2

Aim behind it:

Engagement and retention are prime goals of any ecommerce so you can expect customer satisfaction and rewarding experiences with your Magento 2 storefront. Therefore, Price per Customer – Magento 2 extension developed by MageDelight, has beautifully addressed such needs.

The price of products determines the fate of your products and your revenues. Therefore, smartly playing with prices is highly rewarding for ecommerce owners, and this extension lets you do it with much freedom.

Distinguished Features:

  • It let you configure different price tags for a particular product to various categories of customers
  • It let you offer customer-wise discounts and significant discounts on bulk purchases so your shoppers may feel personal treatment and importance
  • You can generate inquisitiveness among your Magento ecommerce shoppers by providing special discounts on individual base
  • It lets you set fixed price, price for promotional items, and declare additional discounts on top of sliced price tags
  • It enables you to set discounts with easy navigation for category of products

Benefits to Magento 2 Ecommerce Owners:

  • It can increase the sale of Magento 2 ecommerce owners considerably by tier prices
  • It helps to win you more numbers of loyal customers by personalized experiences
  • Shoppers waiting for festive seasons or events to grab more discounts, so it increases the turnover of products on the online Magento storefront


The extensions mentioned above are of high quality and awesome supports that are hard to find in the industry. With the pace of time, new extensions may arrive in the market, and the team of Magento developers at MageDelight might release new extensions by extending the list further. We warmly welcome you to try our Magento 2 extensions in your unique ecommerce storefront and give us honest feedback to serve the community further.

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