Types of Magento Extensions That Help Enhance Customer Experiences At Your eStore

Types of Magento Extension that Help Enhance Customer Experiences at Your eStore

Magento’s rapid rise to success as an ecommerce mobile platform is attributed to its highly scalable and flexible nature. Other than the built in rich features, this ecommerce platform is compatible with a number of third party Magento Extensions that can be added to improve the functioning of your online store.

With Magento extensions, you can practically customize your store to include any features that you want. Whether you are looking for a feature to add a timer for your latest discount offer, or you wish to create a reward points system for every purchase that your customer makes, Magento has useful extensions that can be installed on the go and used instantly with very little configuration.

Magento modules can be classified very broadly into the following categories:

Revenue Drivers

Revenue driver modules for Magento are those that add appropriate functionality to enable you to drive greater profits. For example, a Reward Points module where customers are driven towards purchasing more in order to win more points and redeem them at a later date or gift cards extension where customers make a purchase of a gift card for their friends and family. They pay first via a gift card and the friend or family member buys the product at a later date. Such extension or modules help drive profits for your online store.

Customer Experience Enhancers

These type of modules offer customers with a rich experience while interacting with your business. A good example of such an extension is the one step checkout. Customers require a quick checkout process after they have decided what to purchase. Well, the default Magento checkout is a six step process. With this module, you can check out in just one step! A happy customer with a happy shopping experience is your fastest marketing tool! Well other examples for experience enhancers are easy login without lengthy registrations etc.

Layout Enhancers

Layout of your store is the key to online success. Well, by default Magento provides you with great features for creating user-friendly stores. However, adding extensions to enhance the layout of the store like adding a price slider or a dynamic image view to show customers their products in different colors and different sizes could be a great way to improve their shopping experiences.

Admin tools

Another part of an online store that needs attention is the daily management. With daily transactions happening on your website, manual management of all the orders etc. could be daunting. Thankfully, Magento modules development today is so advanced that you can easily create extensions that can help you follow up orders, follow up abandoned carts, delete orders, and send a follow-up email to customers too. This can be preconfigured and rules can be set for all operations.

Social Connectors

Magento extensions that allow customers to connect to social media and quickly share their latest purchases provide a great boost to your business. Happy customers spread the word about their experiences with your product within a single click on your website.

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