Print PDF Catalogs from Magento eCommerce Stores

Use PDF Catalog Extension to Print Catalogs from Magento eCommerce Stores

In the present days, many customers usually prefer to purchase their products using their own laptop, tablet or computer through the convenience of the Internet. While purchasing via the Internet through your Magento eCommerce web-store, they can sometimes get confused or overwhelmed by the overall number of choices and products that you have put up online for them. Hence, the option of having an online or downloadable catalog comes in handy here.

Brick and Mortar – Not the only option

Customers today feel that shopping from brick and mortar stores is not the only option. The Internet has opened the path to buying from any where in the globe – no matter wherever you are located. Today’s customers are smarter than ever before, because they can take informed decisions while businesses compete with each other for more traffic and increased attention.

eCommerce Adapts Brick and Mortar’s Catalog Strategy

Hence, in order to give the customers the upper hand, many eCommerce websites have revived the age-old tradition of PDF Catalogs. It is now possible to download the PDF catalog of the eCommerce website, which has either installed an magento extension to facilitate the download, or has provided a link to the PDF Catalog on-site.

Of both these ways, the former way of installing the extension is more convenient and hassle-free for both the customer as well as the eCommerce store. With your Magento eCommerce store, you are at an advantage, because such an extension is readily available on the Magento market at extremely affordable costs.

Thus, this extension also solves the problem of facing a situation wherein store owners need to send an updated product catalog in the form of a hard copy to the customers but are not able to send one.

The Raw Convincing Power of Catalogs

Today, despite all the advantages in technology, a printed copy is still the most powerful means of marketing directly to the customer, as it brings in all the necessary appeal and convincing power. This same convincing power is followed by many PDF catalog print extensions, which allow the customer to print/download the PDF Magento catalog in a document form. The document is normally programmed to contain several useful features such as:

  • Cover page
  • Clickable category with index
  • Product PDF catalog document with containing cover page
  • Product page with image and allowed attributes
  • Page heading and footer
  • Word index for product name and product SKU

Additionally, dynamic auto generation of the catalog is also useful for the store-owner, who usually require the PDF catalog document in a ready-to-go and a flexible printed page format. This advanced extension is very useful for stores in their day to day eCommerce operations and B2B/B2C eCommerce as well.

Such a catalog extension will not only help build a base of loyal customer, but will also help your customers retain loyal customers and improve repeat orders and repeat visits. Developers such as MageDelight have developed Magento PDF Catalog Print Extension (Advanced) so that your customers can benefit from the printed version of your online catalog. Also, this extension can help you improve your footfalls and improve your digital imprint on the web.

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