Utilize The Magento Price-Per-Customer Extension From MageDelight For Great Sales!

price_per_customerQuite often, eCommerce store owners are in a quandary as they have to offer different set of prices to different wholesale customers or loyal customers depending upon an entire range of business factors. Now with the price-per-customer extension from MageDelight, it is now possible for eCommerce store owners to specify different prices for individual customers. Prices can now be individualized for every customer, and you can reward your most loyal customers with lower prices.

The price-per-customer extension is unique because you can easily set the product price discount for individual customers. It is also possible to provide a special offer page in the product end that contains all the specially priced products for that particular. In the case wherein you give more than one price to the customer, it is possible to set the tier price as well. This again is a strong promotional tool that sets merchandise prices according to the quantity purchased. This is an effective way to improve your sales. Some of the novel features of this product are as below:

Features :

•  Set fixed price for product for individual customers.
•  Sets percentage global discount for entire product catalog per individual customer.
•  Initiative and easy to use interface/extension.
•  Features AJAX based product selection directly in the customer’s edit screen in the store admin.
•  Does not overwrite existing files or override existing controllers/blocks/custom code.
•  Import and export price per customer functionality.
•  Enable/ Disable any functionality from back-end configuration.
•  Special offer page in front-end contains all special price product per customer.
•  Tier price per customer in case more than one price given to customer.

The price-per-customer extension is unique because it is possible to motivate the customers to become loyal customers by offering they price sops. Again, this is an effective sales promotion tool as guest customers can be motivated to become regular customers. It creates a great curiosity about price and even spurs the customer to make a purchase. Finally, it creates a sense of reward in customers by providing special and discounted rates.

Having a great extension on your Magento eCommerce store not only helps you to stay in tune with the trends, but also helps you obtain better customers at lesser acquisition costs. Visit a reputed Magento Extensions Store and buy your much needed extensions today!

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