Exclusive Product for B2B Convenience

Wholesale Packaged Product – Exclusive Product for B2B Convenience

In Marketing, wholesale packaged products are the result of a practice usually found in the wholesale business called product bundling. This is the practice in certain wholesale markets of offering several products for sale in the form of one combined product.

This is a common feature in several product markets. Some of the industries, which are engaged in product bundling include food services, eCommerce, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and information technology. Such product bundling may even be called a package deal or wholesale package.

What Is The Wholesale Packaged Extension ?

Especially with relationship to information technology, product bundling has achieved quite a reputable status. So, if you are an eCommerce merchant using Magento as the platform, then you will be glad to know that you can now make good use of the product bundling concept in the form of a Wholesale Packaged Product Extension marketed by the leading extensions manufacturer MageDelight

What Does This Extension Do

This extension allows you to combine several products in one single bundle and sell it as a wholesale package product to your customers. Hence, it can also be said that the wholesale packaged product extension is a product with a difference.

It is especially designed to improve the usability experience of the customers in the wholesale B2B business and also improve the convenience of ordering wholesale products in one go. For example, in the case of the apparel industry, where the products are classified according to their size, shape, color, gender, and so on, this product is simply unique.

How Does This Extension Work

What the product bundle will contain can be set by the administrator, along with the product attributes. This can be explained by a small example. If the wholesale package is a package of red T shirts, or if the shopper has selected a red shirt in the product page, enabling this Magento extension will allow the shopper to add an entire bundle of red T shirts in the bundle to the shopping cart according to the attributes specified. Therefore, the bundle (assuming a package of 10) could contain, for instance, 1 small red T-shirt, 3 medium red T shirts, 4 large red T shirts, and 2 extra-large red T shirts. You can even combine red t-shirts with blue t-shirts and specify the attributes.

Some Of The Salient Features Of This Extension

  • Unique extension for wholesale products.
  • Flexible and easy to add and remove products in package.
  • A whole new product type with attribute management, & wholesale.
  • Manage single product, to sale out wholesale product.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of package items.
  • Flexible and easy to manage wholesale products in cart.
  • Access limits on wholesale products for customer groups.
  • Best suitable for industry wholesale, B2B, apparels and fashion stores.

Hence, for a single product, the extension displays a whole array of product attribute possibilities such as different sizes and colors. In this extension, the product attributes are dynamic, which can be changed by the administrator. The wholesale customer therefore needs to select the product of choice just once from the concerned product pages, and the extension will then add the entire bundle of multiple products to the shopping cart, in accordance with the attributes that have been set by your store’s administrator.


To conclude, this Magento extension is flexible, and it is easy to add, modify, or subtract the products in the wholesale package, even if it has been added to the cart. Hence, instead of all red t shirts, the product bundle could contain 4 red t shirts and 6 blue t-shirts, of varying attributes. The best part of this Magento extension is that it allows for the product bundle to be of any size, or it allows for an unlimited number of items in the product bundle (package). Additionally, this wholesale Magento Extension allows or access limits on wholesale products for customer groups. It also supports Magento Default import/export features.

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