The Membership Subscription Extension

The Membership Subscription Extension – Secure your Magento eStore Growth

If you own an Magento powered online business and would like to include a product that can be billed with a certain regularity such as yearly, monthly, weekly, or fortnightly, then why not go in for the Membership Subscription extension from MageDelight.

How this extension works

For example, you might offer entertainment and club services, pool and games, magazine subscriptions, software services, monthly travel expenses and so on on your website. To make it more convenient for your customers to pay periodically for their subscription to such services, you can install the membership subscription extension from MageDelight. Some of the features of this extension are:

  • Allows customers to subscribe to a featured or listed plan
  • Just right for services that are billed with certain regularity
  • Subscriber can pay through a recurring payment functionality
  • Future payments will line up according to the recurring profile settings

Benefits of this Extension

With this Magento Extension from MageDelight, it becomes easy for the custom subscription plan to be created in the back-end by the administrator, which can then be displayed on the front end as a menu.. The subscriber can register for the membership subscription plan via the front end of the web store. He or she can then pay through a recurring payment functionality.

The subscriber is empowered to cancel the subscription at any time, whenever he or she wishes to unsubscribe. The simplest example that can be given about using this extension is to sell a magazine subscription with a periodicity of a week, fortnight, month, a year, or more. You an also use this extension to send in your customer’s favorite grocery such as coffee in accordance with the recurring order placed, or a decoration item such as fresh flowers every day.

You can go ahead with a one-off sale as well. However, it might be entirely the customer’s wish to purchase the subscription if they wish. You can also run an online promotion offering the subscription plan for the product, rather than informing the customer to pay in one go. This will help you encourage your customers to subscribe for a longer duration and make the deal more profitable for them.


The logic behind this subscription is that as soon as soon as the customer becomes a subscriber, the payments for the service will become scheduled. The recurring profile settings will define the future payments and the settings will define when you receive the payments. These can be the a.) last day of the month, b.) the exact day of the month, or c.) as defined by the customer.

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