35% Discount for the 2015 Holiday Season

MageDelight Announces Recurring Extensions at Massive 35% Discount for the 2015 Holiday Season

Today e-commerce and online shopping are changing the traditionally accepted practices of buying and have made the market competition even fiercer than ever before. The internet has opened up markets to a greater degree than ever though before, and more and more flexible and cut-throat competitors are entering the market to provide a better value proposition that what you could have ever imagined before. The growth of e-commerce stores has changed marketing tactics to a greater degree than what brick and mortar stores could have ever thought of.

In this scenario, both the traditional sector, as well as the new e-commerce sector, are vying for customers and wooing them with a frenzy that has reached terrific heights. The intention is to maximize online visits and boost revenue to a profitable level. Especially during the holiday season, e-commerce stores walk the difficult line of cut throat competition to enhance prospects as well as sales.

To help such e-commerce stores, especially those on the Magento e-commerce platform, we at MageDelight have developed a fabulous range of extensions that not only deliver the best user experience but also enhance the store owner’s chance of winning more customers and better sales. Now, to improve their experience on Magento powered stores, users can develop fabulous extensions that are based on the Magento recurring profile namely:

At MageDelight, we are pleased to announce a massive 35% off on these extensions for the holiday season. Thus, users who purchase these extensions can enjoy the rich dividends during the holiday season starting from November 2015, if they purchase it online during the month of October 2015.

As an innovative and progressive company, we provide a gateway to an extensive range of Magento extensions and provide a range of intelligent and agile solutions to the Magento community on a global scale. We have an accumulated experience of 10 years in the e-commerce field and over five years in Magento, making us among the most experienced and versatile companies around the globe. We are committed providing the best-in-class templates for users all around the world and bring their business to the next higher level. At MageDelight, we always choose to be the best.

Our state of the art extensions always goes a long way in meeting customer needs. We always remain at the forefront with a sharpened edge to provide our customers with the latest and the most upgraded extensions. These extensions can be downloaded from the most upgraded extensions.

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