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MageDelight Presents Outstanding Extensions for Offline Product Promotions

In today’s eCommerce dominated world, customers often need to visit eCommerce sites to look for the products or services that they require. Hence, in the present scenario, promoting products on your eCommerce website can do wonders if the right extensions are utilized.

To give you a brief idea about extensions, they are smart pieces of code that are deployed as part of the main code on eCommerce websites to provide both, the owner/administrator and the customer an enriched user experience.

So that the visitor gets the best experience while shopping as well as improving your revenues, it is also necessary to promote the product, which you as an owner/administrator have displayed on your Magento eCommerce web-store. For this purpose, the PDF Catalog Print Advance and Product PDF Print from the reputed and leading extensions company MageDelight are recommended. Let us discuss these extensions in brief.

PDF Catalog Print Advance
 PDF Catalog Print Advance This is a worthwhile extension that allows the generation of the entire PDF catalog along with the category tree as well as selected categories. This extension also allows QR Code generation for each individual product. The product catalog can also be designed with color options and custom fonts.

The extension also allows for dynamic product attribute selection for catalog print along with customized cover page as well as fonts. The extension is also equipped with support for five international languages. The PDF Catalog Print Advance is a useful product promotion tool as it improves customer retention as well as betters customer loyalty. Customers can return to the website after viewing the products they want in the store catalog, which you provide to them.

Product PDF Print
Product PDF Print
This innovative product from MageDelight has great potential as well as capability as a conversion improvement and customer retention tool. Thus, it serves a dual purpose. With this extension, you can create a mini catalog booklet along with an option to create QR Codes and a PDF of the currently viewed product page, plus related as well as up-sell products. You also get the option of customizing the PDF design by changing the colors as well as uploading a new font family.

Hence, why not use these two extensions to promote your products extensively on your Magento web store? Use the services of the best eCommerce extensions agency to achieve your business goals!

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