Want To Improve Your Average Order Value? Go For Product Bundled Discount From MageDelight

Increase Average Order Value With Product Bundled Discount

I’m sure that you will have heard the term “product bundling” in marketing. Product bundling refers to the trend of selling several products combined as one, as a marketing tactic. This feature is commonly employed in markets served by telecommunications, healthcare, information technology, finance, and other businesses, which are affected by imperfectly competitive product markets.

This feature is now increasingly being adopted by the online industry, as we now commonly see ‘bundled offers’ by eCommerce websites such as Amazon.com, Officedepot.com, Staples.com, and others.

How does this feature work in Magento?

In Magento, it is easy to implement this marketing tactic, with the help of a feature that Magento provides called extensions. MageDelight, which is a gateway to a superior and extensive range of Magento extensions that provide innovative solutions for the Magento platform, has launched the product Product Bundled Discount Extension in the market. This is a state of the art extension that motivates visitors to become loyal customers.

This extension called Product Bundled Discount Magento Extension includes a one click feature, by which it is possible to add the entire bundle in to the cart in just one click and offer a discount on the entire bundle:

  • The product makes it easy for the vendor to define which products they want to include together, to offer a bundled discount.
  • With the bundled items Magento extension, the vendor can define the set of items on which the discount can be offered.
  • The product bundled discount is capable of creating a sufficient motivation to the customer to purchase the product bundle offered.
  • The customer can pick up several other items along with the main product as a bundle, which is also offered as a discount!
  • For example, the customer may want a 16 MP camera, along which you can offer the bundle of 8 GB memory card + tripod + camera bag along with the offer for a 10% discount.
  • Thus, when they buy all these four products, these products will land in the shopping cart at a 10% discount automatically.

With this extension, it is extremely easy to create a bundled item an increase the Average Order Value! This extension certainly goes a long way in building up the sales for the website and improving the status of your Magento eCommerce website against the competition.

Now, it is easy to purchase this extension from MageDelight. Why not visit the link www.magedelight.com/product-bundled-discount.html and go through a quick-buy process! This affordable extension will be yours within no time, but will add to your website’s success enormously.

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