Product Bundled Discount

Product Bundled Discount for Drastically Increasing Order Sizes

Product Bundled DiscountOften, customers are interested in purchasing products similar to the products they have already purchased.  Also, in many instances, an additional set of products go along with the main product and add to its convenience and utility. For example, while purchasing a mobile phone, customers often look for related accessories such as hands-free, headsets, and mobile covers. In order to add all these products to the shopping cart, there is no need to go several times to the product shopping pages, but it is now as simple as clicking once.

The “Product Bundled Discount” extension from actually helps customers do exactly that. With the one-click add button, you can drastically make a difference to your order sizes and witness a positive increase. This feature or add-on helps the vendor to define a set of items on which they would like to offer a discount. Accordingly, vendor defined bundles add to your customers’ carts and also help customers to purchase a related product quickly. Some of the features of this  add-on are as below:

  • Allows vendor group simple products in 1 bundle.
  • Determine fix price or percentage discount for the bundled product set.
  • Allows vendor to enable alert popup box for bundled discount on add to cart event of one of the product from product set.
  • Show appealing/promotional offers on product detail page.
  • Supports to multi-store website.

The extension is most useful for store administrators, who are able to build a collection of simple products that are grouped as a promotion set. They can now specify a fixed price of percentage discount. Take for example a rather simple product such as an iPhone, which can be easily sold in a bundle sale. So, if the customer picks up an iPhone, they will automatically be encouraged to pick up an iPhone cover, iPhone accessories, and iPhone network service, and at the same time, the customer obtains a discount on this product according to the figure you have set for it.

Hence, the Product Bundled Discount from encourages the customer to buy the entire bundle of products along with the main product. You can also set your own discounts and create promotions on purchase of the related product bundle.  Go in for the Product Bundled Discount and improve your website statistics as well as sales.

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