Product Bundled Discount Extension

Product Bundled Discount Extension: A Worthy eCommerce Business Promotion Tool

These days, even the B2B sector is going online as B2B customers are purchasing volume stuff from different websites online. However, currently, the online scenario, which was largely modeled on B2C structure, is now going the B2B way, with many B2B websites encompassing the volume business method online.

In order to make B2B online sales popular, many websites are now including various extensions so that whatever they sell can be sold as a bundle by using a sales technique called bundled sales. Via this technique, the customer is easily able to select the various products s/he wants and bundle it as a single product. Many websites also incentivize such a sale by offering a handsome discount on such a bundled sale.

In order to fulfill the demand for such extensions and also to popularize volume B2B discount sales, many extensions developers have now ventured in the market to develop bundled sales extensions for eCommerce websites. This extension is called the bundled discount extension and is also available for Magento powered websites.

In common parlance, the bundled discount extension is called the ‘one click’ product bundled discount extension, and it adds an entire bundle to the cart in just one click and also works as business promotion tool to drastically increase order sizes. In other words, it is also known as “Package Deals”, “Buy the Set” or “Bundle Sales”. Some of the advantages of this extension are as below:

  • Ability to build a collection of simple products for promotion
  • Define date range to enable bundle promotions.
  • Drastically increases order quantity.
  • One click action!!!

The Magento Product Bundled Discount Extension also makes it extremely easy for the vendor to define the set of items on which the group discount can be offered. The bundled items Magento Extension thus motivates the customers to readily buy the product and also works as an effective sales technique to increase orders drastically.

The administrator can then build a collection of products that can be grouped as a promotional set. For example, if a customer is looking at an iPhone mobile, they can be offered an iPhone cover along with an iPhone post paid service from a related carrier as well. Additionally, a 10% discount can be offered on this product set or bundled product as well.


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