MageDelight’s Wholesale Product Extension: A Boon for B2B Customers

Wholesale Packaged Product ExtensionThe eCommerce business the world over has evolved to offer the B2C segment a very pleasurable shopping experience. However, the B2B segment had lagged behind to a certain extent. Nevertheless, this segment is now catching up and even wholesale buyers are now demanding that their wholesale buying experience be in tune with what B2C customers experience.

This demand of the B2B segment is now taken care of by many B2B eCommerce websites and a lot of extensions have now been developed for this segment. Especially for B2B customers, the leading website has now launched a brilliant extension called “Wholesale Packaged Product Extension” for a pleasurable wholesale buying experience.

Made for the wholesale market in mind, such customers can now save time as well a place an order of a set of products with different attributes in one go with just a few clicks of the mouse. Customers can now order multiple variations of the same product in just one single bundle. Worthy of note is the fact that the Magento Native Grouped Extension product type does not support the creation of a group of bundle products.

Hence, this extension comes as a saving grace for administrators who can now create packages and a group of bundled products easily and make purchasing a fun activity for wholesale customers. Some of the advantages that this product can provide are as below:

  • This is a unique extension for wholesale products.
  •  It is very flexible and easy to add and remove products in package.
  • You can easily manage single product, to sell out wholesale product.
  •  This extension allows for an unlimited number of package items.
  •  It is easier to manage wholesale products in cart.
  •  This extension is best suitable for industry wholesale, B2B, apparels and fashion stores. 

To understand this extension better, let us study an example in which the B2B buyer needs to select an entire bundle of T Shirts for his store. Hence, if the shopper wants to purchase only blue t-shirts, then this extension allows the shopper to add just blue t shirts to the shopping cart. Further, if the shopper wants to add an entire bundle say consisting of 10 t shirts, they could include according to their choice, say 1 small blue t shirt, 3 medium blue t shirts, 4 blue t shirts, and 2 extra large blue t shirts.

The best part of this extension is that it is flexible and easy to add, modify, or subtract the products in the wholesale bundle, even if it has already been added to the cart. Hence, instead of all blue t shirts, the bundle could consist of 6 blue t shirts and 4 red t shirts. Again, the bundle can be of any size, since it allows an unlimited number of items as its constituent. Finally, this affordable and easy to use extension installs without any hassle. There is no need to return to the product page every time to add multiple products.  Hence utilize the wholesale product extension with added advantage and improve your conversions and sales.

We’re sure that the wholesale product extension will finally meet the expectations of most B2B customers around the world. Visit our website for more updates and information.

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