Magento Product PDF Print Extension

Product PDF Print Extension – A Great Loyalty Tool for Boosting Confirmed Customers

Imagine a situation with your online customer surfing your eCommerce website, who needs a PDF copy of the product s/he is viewing online for reference at a later stage? This situation can be remedied immediately if your Magento powered eCommerce website has an extension that is capable of printing the product page and the general catalog booklet in a professional PDF format.

MageDelight’s Product PDF Print extension

Now you don’t have to hunt all over the internet for such an extension. Simply visit our website at and click on the link to take you to the product description and download page.

Why is this extension a great idea!

Therefore, it is a good idea to have an extension that can print out your product page so that your product can be remembered by your potential customer whenever they are online. Your customers can therefore come back at their own leisure, when they can place an order for your product or even include the product in the wish-list.

Although there are several resources available on the internet to convert the HTML page of your store products to PDF, but this extension appears as a button on the front end, which needs to be clicked just once in order to generate the PDF of the product and the product page. Therefore, your customer does not need to use another external tool or even leave the website to obtain the product details and the PDF image, which can be generated within just a few clicks.

Features and Advantages:

Some of the features of this versatile extension are as below:

  • Export product pages to PDFs with all the details
  • Support HTML tags with product description and short description.(NOTE: Support limited HTML tag with CSS, Also would not behave exactly as it does with web browser)
  • Create catalog booklet
  • Support QR Codes
  • RTL language support
  • Product PDF with Related and Upsell products
  • Customize PDF design by change colors and upload font family
  • Easy generation of product page in PDF format
  • No need to use external tools
  • Improves Customer retention and customer loyalty
  • Customer can obtain print out for future reference

Therefore, this is a great customer loyalty boosting tool, which can not only help boost your website sales, but also increase the number of repeat visitors and confirmed customers. Why not download this extension from and enjoy excellent sales on your website!

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