Magento PDF Catalog Print

Magento PDF Catalog Print – Effortlessly Create A PDF Version Of Your eCommerce Store Catalog

pdf-catalog-print-advanceAs a Magento Store owner, you might have discovered that you often need to send an updated hard copy of your catalog to your B2C customer or B2B procurement specialist. This is because hard copies are still relevant in today’s times and the presence of a physical catalog still remains a powerful marketing tool. The use of images along with product description has a powerful effect on the minds of your consumers, hence a printed form of catalog is extremely necessary.

This can be done via the Magento PDF Catalog Print from MageDelight, which allows visitors/customers to print as well as download the PDF version of your online catalog. The catalog that is printed contains all the necessary information that is carried in the classic print version of catalogs that have ruled the roost in traditional brick and mortar store type marketing model.

These include:

• the cover page, clickable category index along with the page number
• product list with the image
• page header with footer
• word index for product as well as manufacturer name
• and other such convenient information

In today’s competitive marketing scenario, it has become important that online marketers provide a dynamic automatically generated catalog of their products. The user will get the PDF catalog quickly via download in an instant. The extension is extremely useful for B2B stores as well. Some of the features that are included with the Magento PDF Catalog Print Extension are as below:

• Link on for catalog print on each category page.
• Allows product list in Grid or List view.
• Option for page heading.
• Option for document title/cover page.
• Option for table of content.
• Option for word index from SKU and Product name.
• Allows admin to upload cover page for catalog document.
• Allows admin to list out product attributes to make available for catalog document.
• Professionalism and quality content in catalog document.

Some of the advantages of the Magento PDF Catalog Print extension are:

• Customers can print or save the catalog products
• Provides the ability to print using two different layouts (grid/list)
• Include product’s category/sub-category heading
• Include Title/Cover page(Admin can upload cover page image in admin panel)
• Include Table of Contents with page numbers and links to particular page
• Attach Index by manufacturer no./part name in ascending order at the end of the document.
• Customer can easily find a particular product in catalog using this index.

Thus, this extension is extremely useful for eCommerce stores, especially those with hundreds of products. In this fast age, not many have the time to ask for a catalog by snail mail, hence this extension comes handy for those who want to instantly download the catalog in PDF format. You can visit the link to download this extension at an affordable cost.

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